XiuYan Jade Facial Gua Sha Tool

We are glad to recommend you this Gua Sha stone made of Xiuyan Jade, which represents power and immortality. Facial Gua Sha can stimulate facial blood circulation, metabolism, suppleness, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce puffiness and dullness, leaving you radiant with confidence!

Heart shaped Gua Sha board is a product designed for facial care, a distinctive heart shaped design combined with Gua Sha therapy that lets you to feel love and care while skin care.
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XiuYan Jade Facial Gua Sha Tool

XiuYan Jade Facial Gua Sha Tool


XiuYan Jade Facial Gua Sha Tool

    Rena Chris Rena Chris

    Xiuyan Jade Gua Sha Tool

    Created in China, Made by Global Resources
    Rena Chris Rena Chris

    Natural Materials, Handcrafted

    Xiuyan Jade, which symbolizes power and immortality, comes from China. Our master craftsmen select the best pure natural Xiuyan Jade, which undergoes a five-step process of cutting, shaping, polishing, grinding and engraving, and undergoes strict five-star standard testing before it can finally become a Rena Chris product.

    Rena Chris Rena Chris

    Multi-edge, Multi-purpose

    Convex edge -- ideal for the forehead and cheekbones, reduces fine wrinkles and lightens laugh lines.

    Concave edge -- great for long strokes on the neck and cheeks to promote lymphatic drainage and firm facial contours.

    U- edge -- to fit the jaw perfectly, lifting and shaping the jawline and relieving accumulated tension.

    Pointed tip -- perfect for gliding gently under the eyes to eliminate under eye bags and under the brow to enhance the shape of the brow.
    Are those real jade?:
    Yes, the gua sha stones are made from global sources, such as Xiuyan Jade, from Central Asian.;
    Does the gua sha come with instructions on how to use it? :
    Yes it does. It has an instruction booklet within each package.;
    What step in the night time skin care routine should this be? :
    It is better to process gua sha session after toning water and cream/oil.;
    What's the difference between the colors? :
    The colors displayed are from the raw stone itself. It is a preferences.;
    How thick is the stone? :
    It is around 1/4”.;
    Can we put them in the fridge before use? :
    Yes, you can put them in fridge before use. It helps to tighten skin pore and depuffying.;
    Can I use soap on it for cleansing? :
    You can use any cleansing product, make sure to dry out the tool before place back to the box.;
    Does this reduce my double chin? :
    The chin has a rich lymphatic system. As long as applying correct gua sha technique, consistently daily gua sha helps to promote blood circulation, improve lymph nodes, it helps to reduce and even eshape double chin.;