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What Kind of Skin Type Can Use Facial Gua Sha?

by Luozhi 19 Sep 2023 0 Comments


Gua sha has become a popular technique for facial skincare routines. The practice involves using a smooth-edged tool to apply light strokes along the face. This stimulates blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and product absorption. With its wide-ranging benefits, gua sha is suitable for all skin types.

White Jade Guasha Tools

For those new to the practice, gua sha may seem daunting. But once the proper techniques are learned, anyone can incorporate gua sha into their skincare regimen. The increased circulation gives the complexion a healthy, radiant glow. Gua sha also helps fight signs of aging, reduce puffiness, minimize pores, and more based on your skin type.

This guide explores how gua sha caters to normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and mature skin types. You'll gain tips on proper technique, tool selection, and products to use for each skin condition. Learn how gua sha's healing touch can transform your complexion.

Normal, Balanced Skin

For people with normal or balanced skin, gua sha provides a simple and effective way to maintain a naturally healthy glow. The gentle massage movements energize the face, providing vital circulation while relaxing facial muscles.

Guasha's best choice to change your skin tone

When performing gua sha for normal skin, use lighter pressure in an even sweeping or fan-like pattern. Focus on contouring areas like the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. This creates a subtle lifting effect. Other benefits include reduced puffiness, smaller pores, and anti-aging effects.

Use a rose quartz for its cooling, calming properties on balanced skin. Hydrating oil serums also aid in smooth massage glide and absorption. Gua sha perfectly supplements a balanced skincare routine.

Dry Skin

Facial gua sha provides immense benefits for dry, flaky skin needing deeply replenishing moisture. By increasing blood flow to the face, gua sha helps hydrate dry areas that topical products often miss. The technique also boosts the penetration of serums and lotions, delivering hydration where the skin needs it most.

When massaging dry skin, use slower strokes focusing on problem areas. Using a hydrating oil during gua sha prevents dragging or friction. Look for tools like rose quartz or white jade that retain oils and soothing properties. The increase in healthy circulation will leave your complexion looking dewy. If your skin feels uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately.

Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

For oily and acne-prone skin, diligent skincare is vital for controlling breakouts. The good news is that gua sha doesn't exacerbate oil production like harsh cleansers. Instead, the massage technique helps balance sebum, tighten pores, and increase the absorption of acne-fighting ingredients.

Jade Guasha Tool for Oily Skin

With acne-prone skin, fully sanitize your gua sha tool before each use. Use lighter pressure over active breakouts, focusing on areas around them. Look for a balancing tool like Stainless Steel Facial Gua Sha Tool. Its cooling properties help reduce inflammation. Your complexion will glow without added oiliness. But we highly recommend that you go to the hospital for a checkup before using gua sha tool.

Sensitive Skin

Facial gua sha may seem too harsh for hypersensitive skin prone to irritation. However, the practice provides tangible benefits by increasing blood flow to repair damaged capillaries under the skin. This aids in reducing overall redness and inflammation.

For sensitive skin, use an extra light touch. Jade is ideal for its cooling, soothing nature. Ensure your tool is sanitized, and avoid heavily scented products during gua sha. The results will be a calmer, more resilient complexion over time. The key is starting with utmost gentleness.

Mature Skin

One of the most powerful benefits of facial gua sha is its anti-aging effects. The massage technique stimulates collagen production to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also benefits sagging skin by toning underlying facial muscles.

Tailor your gua sha technique to massage outward from the nose toward the ears and down along the neck. Use moderate pressure to increase circulation and boost collagen. A firming face oil will allow the tool to glide smoothly. With consistent use, mature skin will appear remarkably lifted.


As we've explored, facial gua sha provides transformative skincare benefits for all skin types. The increased circulation, drainage, and product absorption lead to an overall improvement in complexion and anti-aging effects.

This guide has shown that anyone can incorporate gua sha into their regimen with the proper techniques. Do your research to find the ideal tools and serums to meet your skin's needs. With its soothing touch and glowing results, gua sha is a skincare game-changer.

Give your face a refreshing boost and combat signs of aging with a consistent gua sha routine. Your complexion will look more toned, hydrated, and youthfully radiant over time.


Q1: Is it okay to use gua sha if I have rosacea?

A: First consult your dermatologist, as gua sha could trigger flushing. If you proceed, use extra gentle pressure and cool your skin after.

Q2: What if my skin feels irritated after gua sha?

A: Discontinue use if any irritation occurs. Allow skin to heal before trying again using less pressure. Seek medical help if needed.

Q3: Is facial gua sha safe during pregnancy?

A: Consult your OB-GYN first, as hormone changes may make skin more sensitive.

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