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RenaChris Jade Gua Sha - Find Inner Peace and Glowing Skin

by GUOXINDU 14 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Why can't we achieve a balance between body and mind?

When we take off the day's tiredness and start our skin care routine at night, facing a slightly tired face in the mirror, have we ever thought about the question: Are the signs of time on our skin caused by the natural aging of the body, or is the mind not yet truly relaxed? Or, is it both?

We may use various methods to take care of our bodies: choosing and enjoy delicious food, using expensive body care and skin care products ...... We take pride in our achievements and monetary gains, thinking that we have achieved spiritual pleasure, so why should a small trigger, such as stress at work, occasional bad relationships, or bad environment ...... may make pleasure turn out to be instantaneous?

There is an old Chinese saying, The face is born from the heart. Both can refer to the human face with the state of mind, but can also be understood that the state of our lives is a reflection of the state of the heart. When we find that our lives are a mess, it may be the moment we need to slow down and listen to what our hearts really need.

Ways to connect with the true self in traditional Chinese medicine

There are many ways to connect with the inner self, such as meditation and yoga, all of which advocate mobilizing consciousness and feeling the body between the breath, thus bringing the body and mind into a state of harmony and unity. In the traditional Chinese medical system of physical therapy, there is another ancient, natural and healthy way of healing the body and mind - Gua Sha. Through the use of Gua Sha tools and specific techniques for body massage and face massage , the muscles of the body and face are relaxed, meridians are unblocked, and accumulated pain and stress in the body is removed. This is exactly what we highly recommend.


Ink Danqing Facial Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha - a way of life that heals your body and mind


Why Gua Sha can help us to link our true selves

Please imagine a scenario where you light incense, put on soothing music, close your eyes, and the Gua Sha tool travels over your face and body. You keep talking to your body, feeling your discomfort and pain, and slowly taking them away. When you open your eyes again, you will be in a new state of mindfulness and physical comfort.


Jade Gua Sha


This is not an exaggeration. Gua Sha , like all forms of body massage and face massage, also has regularity and benefits. It needs to be done slowly and at a balanced speed with the cooperation of Gua Sha tools, and we adjust the strength, posture and comfort level by feeling the state of the body, which is similar to control of the body and relaxation in yoga.


Once starting to face Gua Sha, we can gradually appreciate the pleasure of it.

How to Gua Sha? The Gua Sha is simple to operate.

In order not to damage your skin, please remember to follow the steps.

  1. Preparation: During the face Gua Sha, remove makeup and facial cleaning, dry your face with a towel and apply shaving oil evenly.
  2. Gua Sha:Using the edges of Gua Sha that best fits for the face, lifting and massage from bottom to top. The first time you use it, you can use a lighter force, repeatedly scraping, usually 5-20 minutes for the whole face. The specific times can be adjusted according to your feeling. If the skin of your face shows dark red bleeding spots, it is a normal phenomenon.
  3. End: After the Gua Sha is over, clean the oil from the skin with a wet towel and continue with the subsequent skin care steps.



We have a variety of instructional videos available on our social media. For the first time using Gua Sha please refer to our video guide to learn, and we will feel the benefits of this kind of face massage after a period of time.


The benefits of Gua Sha

First of all, there is a specific process for Gua Sha. Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, there are many acupuncture points in the human body, which are body reflex zones for different internal organs and lungs. By massaging and stimulating different acupuncture points, it will generate certain biological messages that are transmitted to different body organs, urging them to adjust themselves and helping us to eliminate toxins from the body.

The second is that the process of Gua Sha needs to be coupled with the use of Gua Sha tools. The stimulation of the Gua Sha tools can regulate the contraction and diastole of the muscles. Our muscle tension is relieved and blood circulation is accelerated as the Gua Sha tool rubs against the body, which tightens our skin and relaxes our nerves.


Finally, besides being used directly for body massage, Gua Sha is also a kind of spiritual massage. The Gua Sha tool becomes that bridge between body and mind. We have a quiet, comfortable time alone, isolated from outside distractions, as we immerse ourselves in scraping. It helps us to enjoy the pleasure of unburdening our body and mind during the facial massage.

Jade Gua Sha



This is what RenaChris has always advocated, accepting all the signals of stress and discomfort released by the body, accepting and soothing all negative emotions, physical pain in a natural way, and ultimately achieving a state of physical and mental harmony.


Jade Gua Sha


Jade Gua Sha

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Natural jade Gua Sha tool

Natural materials are one of the best tools of GuaSha

Gua Sha physical therapy is rooted in the traditional Chinese medicine theory of health care that advocates staying close to nature and following the rules. We have always adhered to the principle of using natural materials and insisting on hand-made when selecting the materials for The RenaChris Jade Gua Sha tool.


In ancient China, beauties used jade to care for their skin, which left a beautiful story in various history books. Compendium of Materia Medica ,a famous Book of Chinese Medicine, has mentioned that jade is helpful in slowing down skin aging. In addition, jade also represents hopes for good looks and gentle character in the traditional Chinese culture's, and beauty is like jade is seen as a poetic praise.

Therefore, natural jade is regarded as one of the best material for Gua Sha tool. The challenge of crafting Gua Sha tools stems from the hard and fragile nature of jade. From selection and cutting to polishing and buffing, the complex processes involved in the passion and warmth of handcrafters.

The designer's unique inspiration for the product includes the edge of the scraper that fits the human skin, and the right weight and thickness to hold in the hand. RenaChris expects to retain the most natural characteristics and the natural beauty of jade. When you hold it in your hands,you will feel the artistic and harmony between body and mind brought by natural jade Gua Sha.


Jade Gua Sha


Beauty is diverse and unique

Since the establishment, RenaChris Jade Gua Sha has not forgotten the original intention, adhered to the natural way of skin care. We should believe that we are most beautiful in our natural and real state, and that beauty does not need to be packaged with elaborate concepts and obtained through high consumption.


Jade is nurtured by nature, their different colors also symbolize different landscapes. The green one is like a spring day when everything rouses up from sleeping, the white one is like the whitest snow on the top of the snowy mountains, the black one is like the mountains in the fog. We are also unique in nature.

May this gift we offer help you return to the harmony of mind and body and find that true, beautiful, confident self.

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